About Us

Why we exist:

BitStashers was created to provide people with a long term, durable alternative to paper wallets used to secure cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin off line, away from hackers.

Utilising various tech, high quality materials and good security practices, BitStashers created products which fulfill the goal of providing that level of security.

Now based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, BitStashers is growing from strength to strength and will be bringing a whole new range of  practical, fun and aesthetically pleasing products to the world. 


BitStashers was created in late 2014 and the site was launched in January 2015.

A year and a half later, the two founders Mike and Jon, brought a third member, Matt, in to the team, to handle social media and advertising.

In April 2017 Mike left to pursue other projects and Jon and Matt continued to build the brand, as well as learning all the skills which Mike took with him when he left.

In January 2019 Jon also left, leaving Matt in full control.

Since January 2019 Matt has brought a whole new range of designs to the table, updated the website and launched BitStashers on Open Bazaar, the decentralised global market place.