Materials & Styles

Anodized Aluminum Wallet:

You need this wallet! Our high quality fully anodized aluminum blanks are a perfect solution to stash your bits. You can use it as a cold storage wallet (see our tutorials for help) or as a quick, convenient option to accepting coins into your hot wallet.

Available in both 0.020” and 0.050” thicknesses, 5 colors and 3 unique designs, the possibilities are endless.


Thin:  3.5” x 2” x 0.020” (8.89cm x 5.08cm x 0.635mm)                   $15

Colors: Blue, Orange, Red, Green and Black.


Stainless Steel Wallet:

This one is HOT and will withstand the heat!  Our stainless steel wallets will keep your stashed bits safe in extreme conditions.  The wallets perform well in high heat (think fire), low temperatures and many of the common corrosive materials.

The wallet measures in at 3.5” x 2” x 0.030” (8.89cm x 5.08cm x 0.762mm)          $25

Silver with black markings.


Anodized Aluminum Dog Tags:

Now this is where it gets fun!  The same high quality aluminum as the full size wallet, only smaller.  Measuring in at 1.96” x 1.13” x 0.050” (49.78mm x 28.7mm x 1.27mm) with the included  beaded chains makes this wallet wearable and always with you.  Never miss the chance to add more coins to your wallet.


Single tag                    $15

Dual tags                     $25


We would love to create a custom design for you, your organization or even your own store.  We can also do bulk orders.  Please contact for details.