Rules of Engagement:

BitCaching is just like GeoCaching, except you are searching for physical Bitcoin wallets from BitStashers with some Bitcoin as a “finders fee”. The rules are simple:

1. Navigate to our BitCaching page on to locate the BitCache coordinates on the map.

2. Once you have the coordinates, go find the hidden wallet.

3. Once a wallet is found, go back to the BitCaching page and upload a picture of the wallet and the public address. Once the wallet is verified, the finder will be provided with the private keys to make the wallet functional. Without the private keys, no Bitcoin on the wallet can be spent.

4. Have fun and spread the word of the Bitcoin!

If anyone is interested in starting a BitCache for their town, city or organization please contact us and we will take care of the logistics and provide you with the wallets to hide.

Let’s have fun with this and see where it can take us!

If you’re a current Bitstashers customer and you’re playing the Bitcaching game with us; you can now login and upload a picture of the wallet you’ve found at the marked Geocache location. If you’re not a customer then please sign up and you’ll be able to join in on the fun too.

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