About Us

Welcome to BitStashers.com! Specializing in unique solutions to stash your bits…Our wallets have personality! They are made of the highest quality metals, much more durable than traditional paper wallets. Dropped it in water you say? No worries, there are no inks to smear or run.  Our wallets also won’t go up in flames at the sight of the smallest spark. Metal rules! But don’t limit your options to cold storage only, think hot wallets and colored coin asset addresses as well. You have an address, we’ll etch it.


In true digital currency spirit, we are inviting our customers to help shape our path. Do we not have a design that tickles your fancy? Let us know and we’ll change that. Special requests? Yep, we love those as well, design is our passion. Anyway we can help you to realize your vision, we’re here. And be sure to check out our upcoming bi-monthly design competitions. The winning design will be sold for two weeks while the designer gets a share in his or her wallets sales.


We aim to be progressive and unique, by keeping it real and changing it up.


So….. We want to hear from YOU. Stop in, drop us a line and be on the look out for new ideas funneling down the pipeline.  Oh ya, our wallets have ZERO down time, are guaranteed to work, never obsolete and yours forever…for real!


Head on in and pick up a wallet that will last and have a personality all of its own. Make your friends jealous!